What We Do


  • Donate to DARE Project
  • Donate Eye Glasses to the needy
  • Donate to Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund
  • Donate to Marshall County Area Council of Churches
  • Donate to Culver Food Pantry
  • Donate to Culver Baseball Youth League/Soccer Program
  • Donate to Culver Boys & Girls Club
  • Donate to Culver/Union Township Emergency Service Programs
  • Support High School Organizations: BPA, Choir, Mexico Mission Trip, etc.
  • Support many other local charities and civic organizations
  • Hold High School Seniors Awards Night
  • Hold Halloween and Christmas parties for youth
  • Support Liberty Day at the M.S. & H.S.
  • Donate dictionaries to 3rd graders
  • Conduct free eye and hearing screenings
  • Active Participants in Winter Fest, Boys & Girls Club Gala, Lake Fest, Gift of Warmth/Film Festival, Fall Fest

As Leaseholder of the historic Vandalia Railroad Depot the Culver Lions are the primary caretakers of the building. Historical renovation programs and on-going maintenance programs are accomplished through Building Fund fundraisers and many member volunteer hours. The Vandalia Depot is listed on the Indiana Register of Historical Buildings and the Culver Lions are currently working to secure listing on the Federal Register of Historical Buildings.


  • Donate to Eye Bank
  • Donate to Leader Dog
  • Donate to Speech & Hearing
  • Donate to Cancer Control


  • Work to eradicate blindness world wide – Sight First II


  • Spring Flea Market, Bake Sale, and Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
  • LMAX Triathlon
  • Annual Lions Corn Roast
  • Annual Culver Lake Fest Hamburgers, Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
  • Fall Flea Market, Bake Sale, and Sausage & Biscuit Breakfast
  • Special Event Raffles
  • White Cane Days
  • Broom Sales

2 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Dear Mr. Adams and Mrs. Winters

    Amy Dale here;). I have a request that I am hoping the Lion’s club can help fulfill. Ms. Kris Arvelo. the Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing here at Culver has applied for a donation request to raise money for our students in need of vibrating alarm clocks. These clocks are placed under the mattresses’ of their beds and vibrates to wake them up.

    This simple piece of equipment allows our students independence to be able to wake up for school, employment. etc. However most of these students and their families do not have the financial ability to purchase these items for themselves.

    If at all possible, would your organization, that has helped so many, be willing to take on one more request for financial help?

    Any donation would be greatly appreciated.


    Amy Dale.

    • We received your message and we are interested in helping. Could you give us some more information about associated costs? Please text me at 574-216-0526, thanks!
      Jill Neidlinger, Culver Lions Club President

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