News & Notes

2014 In Review – January – December


  • Lions Citizen of the Year Mr. & Mrs. John and Carol Zeglis

Citizen of the Year 2014

  • Lions Organization of the Year – BIRD

BIRD Community Organization of the Year 2014


  • Chili Supper with Council of Churches – All proceeds to the Culver Food Pantry – Lions, Council Members and CYCO working together.
  • Business Professionals of America– Donated $400 to assist this Culver High School organization in their travels to participate in National Competition.
  • Sponsorship for Culver Girls soccer ($110) and Culver Boys Soccer ($110).
  • Guest speaker – John Oberwetter

john oberwetter


  • Liberty Day at Culver Community Schools– Thanks to Lion Barb Winters for arranging this event.  Each student received a copy of the United States Constitution booklet that is prepared by the Indiana Lions.



  • “Paws for Life” Lions Team – Relay for Life Cancer Walk — Thanks to Lions Kathy Berindei (Team Captain), Dan Adams, Rich Bean, and Marlene Mahler (our 4 AM pancake makers).  Thanks to all the Lions who walked – Way to go Team!  Lion Cathy Emmons in the Walk.
  • Community HS Senior Awards and Scholarship – A Lion scholarship of $1,000 was presented to Justin Croy.

Justin Scholarship recipient

  • Thank You to the Back Room Committee – Thanks to Lions Trent Bennett, Dan Adams, Mike Overmyer, Jim Hahn, Warren Foersch.  They have turned the “Back Room Abyss” into a shining jewel.
  • Committee: Thanks for the work and the donations!


  • Lions Spring Fest Flea Market…Bake Sale….Breakfast ….  Thanks to Lion Chair Persons Rich Bean, Dan Adams and Marilyn Kelly and ALL of those Lion WORKERS!!
  • The Culver Lions 71st Anniversary (1943-2014).  Thanks to the Committee that made all of the arrangements for a full house attendance.  Special thanks to Lions: Marilyn Kelly, Susan Elizondo, Lynn Davis and Jill Neidlinger.  It was a fun event and a good send-off for additional service now and into the future.
  • 71st Anniversary cake
    • Several Awards of recognition were presented that night.
      • Lion of the Year – Ned Davis
      • Melvin P. Jones Award – Barbara Winters

Ned and family 5-2014              
Barbara and Don 2014




  • 3 New Members & Sponsors
    • John Ahlenius (Barbara Winters, sponsor); Shane Lowry (Mike Overmyer, sponsor); Justin Croy (Jill Neidlinger, sponsor)
  • Car Wash Fundraiser: Landrum Neer and James Jamison organized a Car Wash as a Fundraising Project to benefit the Culver Lion’s Club. The young gentlemen did a very nice job and were very successful.


  • New Member: Judy Labney & her sponsor, B.J. Lawrence
  • 2014 Corn Roast: Another successful year!!!


  • White Cane Day – a wonderful job by all who volunteered and a BIG THANKS!!!  to all who donated and support the Culver Lions, we really appreciate you!
  • Lake Max Triathlon – what a great turn-out!!!  People came from all over to participate and seemed to really enjoy themselves!!
  • New Members – WELCOME to Cheryl Geik and Michele Trusty & thanks to their sponsors, Barbara Winters & Jill Neidlinger.


  • New Member – Welcome to Bridget Lowry (sponsor – Barbara Winters) .
  • Dictionary Project – Thanks to the Lion’s who went to the Culver Elementary School to distribute dictionaries to all of the 3rd graders.  The kids (and Lion’s Club members) had a great time learning about how many things dictionaries can teach us.


  • Lions Fall Fest Flea Market…Bake Sale….Breakfast ….  Thanks to Lion Chair Persons Don Burke, Dan Adams and Marilyn Kelly and ALL of those Lion WORKERS!!
  • Children’s Halloween Party –  over 200 children turned out for the annual Halloween Party!  Great fun was had by all!!!  Thanks to the wonderful volunteers and donors, especially the judges who had the ever-challenging task of picking the best costumes! However, everyone went home winners, with lots of prizes and goodies!!


  • Fruit Sales – our annual fruit sale kicked off so our friends could enjoy the citrus in time for Thanksgiving!


  • Children’s Christmas Party –   the Culver Fire Department and V.F.W., along with the Lion’s, hosted the annual Christmas Party for the children of the community at the Culver Elementary Cafeteria.  There were activities, treats, and a visit from Santa Claus!!


An example of what Lions can do in only 5 short months:

$    250   To: Indiana State Lions Building Restoration in Indianapolis.

$      50  To: Support Potawatomi Wildlife Park

$    200   To: Culver Food Pantry via Chili Supper

$    400   To: CCHS Student Organization – BPA

$    110   To: Culver Community Girls Soccer

$    110   To: Culver Community Boys Soccer

$ 1,000   To: The Culver Boys & Girls Club

$    100   To: Support Back Packs for Mexico Mission distribution

$ 2,250   To: Support 3 Culver HS Students on their Mexico Mission Trip

$ 1,770   To: Relay for Life – Cancer Research – Lions Team “Paws for Life”

$ 1,000   To: Culver Community High School Senior Scholarship Award

$    100   To: Newtown, CT Lions Club – Grief Counseling for those affected

$    200   To: Indiana Lions Cancer Control Fund

$    200   To: Indiana Lions Eye & Tissue Transplant Bank

$    200   To: Indiana Lions for Leader Dog

$    200   To: Indiana Lions – School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

$    200   To: Indiana Lions Speech and Hearing

$ 8,340  Total    (Jan-May 2013)         


Lion Clara Hansen – October, 2012

Lion Clara will be missed in the Culver area and in the Culver Lions in particular.  She was a regular attendee at the Lion’s meetings.  She was very instrumental in the annual Culver Lions Raffle and the selection of a suitable “Judge” for our annual “Get Out of Jail” fund raiser.  She was the first woman to join the Culver Lions Club…she was an active Lion volunteer…she was fun, always optimistic and a “doer”.  Clara…you are now at peace and at rest….We thank you for your service and dedication…… From:  Your Fellow Lion Brothers and Sisters.


30 Days in the Life of a Culver Lion –

The Culver Lions managed and/or participated in 5 major events from July 9th to August 9th, 2014.

  • The Culver Lake Fest (July 18, 19 & 20)
  • The Burn Out on Mill Street (July 20th)
  • The Annual Lions Corn Roast (July 26th)
  • The Lions “White Cane Day” (August 1st)
  • LMax Triathlon (August 9th)


Thanks to all who did the planning, organizing and volunteering for all of those shifts!


Thanksgiving Poem

by Lion Vickie Dearth

Thanksgiving is a word that once a year is often heard.

Starts when we’re little, thinking small,

give thanks for food and your new ball.

We really don’t quite grasp the meaning

just that towards gratitude you’re leaning.

As we grow, the meaning clears –

. . . for pie and pumpkins, turkey ears – – no wait,

that’s corn and bread and stuff.

We eat way more than just enough,

but then they say “But Wait!  There’s more:


People to be grateful for:

Our Veterans – former and “du-jour”

Our present soldiers, rich and poor

Our ancestors and those who live

(who, Christmas gifts quite soon will give.)

So, we give thanks and serve and serve –

We know we’ve more than we deserve –

. . . we’re warm, well-fed, and pretty happy,

on to Thanksgiving – make it snappy.

Appreciate what all you’ve got

. . . remember to help those who have not

And while we’re listing things we “lub”

. . . let’s not forget our Lions Club!!